ORSI Group, il brand che realizza macchine per il taglio dell'erba (e non solo) con alta tecnologia e stile 100% made in Italy, usando il concetto di tradizione della storia e dell'arte manifatturiera italiana, specialmente nell'area di Bologna.

Gli stabilimenti ORSI profumano di storia e tradizione, ma sempre pensando alla continua innovaizone e preservando la propria identità nel tempo.

Da quest'unione nasce nel 1979 dall'idea di un giovane Stefano Orsi la fabbrizazione i macchine agricole, un giovane imprenditore che ha puntato sin da subito nel costruire macchine innovative per quegli anni e cercando di capire cosa chiedessero gli agricolotori della sua amata regione "l'Emilia-Romagna".

Per realizzare la propria idea, Orsi iniziò soddisfando il concetto di italianità, realizzando con cure e devozione le proprie macchine.


ORSI, the brand that manufactures high-tech 100% made in Italy, grass cutting machines. Using the concept of tradition of the history of Italian manufacturing design especially in the Bologna area. ORSI factories smell of history and tradition, but always thinking about continuous innovation and preserving their identity over time. From this union was born in 1979 from the idea of a young Stefano Orsi, the manufacturing of agricultural machinery. A young entrepreneur who immediately focused on building innovative machines for those years whilst trying to understand what the farmers of his beloved “ Emilia Romagna ” region were asking for”. To realize his idea, Orsi started trying to satisfy the concept of Italianness making his machines with care and devotion. Listening to the advice that came from farmers in the area, who were looking for machines that did not exist at that time, hence the first side mulcher. A machine that owes its creation in 1982 to ORSI! In 1989 thanks to the continuous growth of the Brand in the Italian market, ORSI began to export to France first, and then quickly expanded to all other European markets.

Today the brand counts with distributors all over the world, always trying with its own philosophy to satisfy the different needs in each very different market. The atmosphere inside the two production complexes, Grizzana Morandi and Castello d’Argile, both in the province of Bologna, exude enthusiasm in trying to improve continuously the product, trying to innovate its machines with technological and avant-garde solutions. Many of the mechanical processes are carried out in the first factory, whilst the headquarters with administration and further manufacturing/assembling are located at the second. Just think of the new “Frontal” side mulcher machine that was launched on the market in 2020 to meet the needs of many end-users who today can work in perfect comfort and safety having the machine fitted to the front Linkage / PTO of the tractor, an absolute novelty in the market of mulchers. A total of around 110 people work between the two production complexes. The sense of Italianness in ORSI is always found in hearing Stefano Orsi say “for us, made in Italy means that Italians should like machines first”. ORSI company is a ‘family’ that loves their country and never gives up working with dreams and ambition as in 1979.