Legal warning of web site ORSI GROUP


A. The address of ORSI GROUP is the MAIN center SITUATED IN via S. Andrea 2/a, 40050 Castlello d' Argile (Bologna) the orsi group is enrolled in the Registry of the Enterprises of Bologna, with the number of registration BO - 487737 and left Vat 03049991205.


B. The copyrights on the witnesses, designs, diagrams, images, data banks, ipertestuali compilations of software, sources (language and connections), and every other supplied content of this situated one from the ORSIGROUP, belong exclusively to ORSIGROUP.

C. The content of this situated one web can be reproduced only temporary in the course of its uses, or for personal documentation without scopes it trades them. Every other reproduction, also partial, in whichever shape, electronics or of other kind, the content of this situated one will have preventively to be authorized for enrolled from the ORSIGROUP or the interested concessionaire.


D. The name ORSI is registered trademark from the ORSI Group.


E. The access to this situated one web, therefore like put to disposition from the ORSIGROUP and/or its concessionaires, and its I use, involve acceptance of the present conditions. The ORSIGROUP reservoir to modify anytime the conditions of I use of the situated one.

F. The relative information to the products, contained in the situated one, are indicative and of principle and will be able to endure variations. In case of successive consultations of the situated one, it will have to be Your cure to verify that variations are not taken part.

G. In any case, the contained information and communications in the situated one do not have impegnativo character and they do not constitute offered to the public or proposals of contract. In particular, the indications of products, the images and the raffigurazioni of the products and the information to they relative do not constitute assurance that the products are effectively available near the sale concessionaires, neither promised of quality or guarantees of performances. The effective availabilities of the products, and the guarantees that will come dates, in purchase case, with the buying and selling contract, will have to be verified case for case near the sale concessionaires.

H. This WEB SITE contains connections with situated web of thirds party. If you put into effect these connections, will exit from the situated one of the ORSIGROUP or its concessionaire. The ORSIGROUP and the concessionaires do not have no control on the situated ones of the thirds party, and therefore they decline every responsibility for it I use from part such yours of situated.

The use of this web site is regulated from the Italian law. In case of controversies, the Italian judges will have jurisdiction.