Manutenzione Stradale E Aereoportuale

ss (sprayer solutions)

Watering clippers for ice with supporting frame completely made of stainless steel AISI 304l and polyethylene tanks. reservoir formed by modules of polyethylene capacity of 2,500 liters.

from 100 to 200 HP

Ploughshare Snow opened hydraulically with brushes embedded in polyethylene resistant to low temperatures for cleaning the lights bordopista airports.
Scraping blades rubber rubber double wear.

from 80 to 150 HP

Sweeper front mechanically operated for airport use.
Roller brushes with polyethylene with the possibility of mounting steel brushes for use in winter.
Possibility of mounting snow blade integrated.


Brushing front roller movable (optional) particularly suitable for cleaning the streets covered in winter with sand or grit. Application to trucks and tractors with PTO mechanical or hydraulic.


Equipment for washing combined stakes marks limits and barriers such new jersey arranged both right and left of the roadway. Application to trucks and driven by the plant of the same hydraulic.


Suction sweeper demountable suction rear adapted for the cleaning of roads and urban areas with particularly narrow passages. Applicable to small trucks equipped with hydraulic power or by an auxiliary motor.


Scarrabile patented equipment designed for the restoration of the road surface deteriorated. Equipped with heated container for hot mix asphalt and emulsion container.
Available accessories include pneumatic, hydraulic hammers, vibrating plate, sand container, water tank and container carrier. Application to trucks of medium-heavy.